Are You Being Watched? Hidden Camera Detection (West Midlands)

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Are You Being Watched? Hidden Camera Detection

We can detect and find hidden cameras

As technology is constantly improving hidden cameras only get better, smaller and easier to hide, these cameras are readily available and inexpensive.
Corporate and private clients who may be under threat from electronic surveillance.

We have the latest advanced professional passive and electronic counter surveillance equipment to search for and locate surveillance devices. The sweeps include searching and locating Infra red, video, burst, encrypted, spread spectrum and frequency hopping transmitters. This covers serious professional bugs and ‘domestic’ transmitters that can be purchased by anyone . Call us for a fast reliable confidential service. From £100 for offices, domestic properties and vehicles. Prices dependant on distance from our office.

Hidden CCTV Camera Detection


All areas/rooms/offices will be inspected for non-operating or switched CCTV cameras and mini DVR recorders and or transmitting devices. We use pulsed high power LED beam arrays to detect hidden camera lens. This method is very effective in locating hidden cameras. Methodology: our hidden camera detector/locator is the most reliable technology available for making sure that private actions are not being watched. Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a video camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with our camera finder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the technician.
Finally, a complete physical search, including all, fixtures, furnishings, ceilings and surrounding areas, as well as any existing electronic/computer equipment will be conducted to identify any devices/recorders, prevent intrusion and disruption to your business.


Electronic Devices in Houses, Flats and Cars
provides residential eavesdropping detection and technical bug sweeps to find and identify hidden video devices. With availability of all types of viewing/recording devices readily available on the internet we will work with residential clients to perform in-depth sweep to identify and locate hidden cameras, wireless, devices and recording units that are planted to acquire information through covert means. Our residential home inspections clients retain our services based on many reasons, divorce, lawsuits, or any reason that someone would want to invade their privacy for illegal means.

Believing your home or car is being spied on and someone is listening to your conversations or watching your private activity can be a very distressing and stressful time, and the longer you feel someone is bugging your home your health and well-being will suffer. We have the expertise and specialist equipment to determine if your house, flat or car is bugged and someone is stalking you. We operate with complete discretion and ensure that all areas of your property and vehicle are searched for hidden spy bugs. We are able to search and detect for hidden cameras, covert listening devices equipment and the latest spying devices favoured by private investigators and law enforcement. Our counter surveillance experts will advise you regarding the search for spy bugs and what can be done when bugging equipment is located.

About Our Service

For any person who has concerns that their private activity is being compromised and invaded by a third party. The equipment we use is designed for specific tasks in combating illicit viewing. This equipment is able to identify all types of devices including long term deployments that can be buried deep into the fabric of an environment and transmit information in bursts. Because our operatives are conversant in the design, construction and deployment of covert devices, we have a comprehensive understanding of how they work and what is required in order to retrieve the communications and data they are collating.

Our services are always carried out with complete confidentiality. Due to the sensitive nature of electronic surveillance and eavesdropping issues, we are committed to ensuring that your information remains as such. Our staff will work with you so as not to draw any attention to our attendance and the work we carry out. We advise all clients who suspect they are being listened to or covertly watched to contact us in a safe and sterile environment, away from the location that is being monitored.

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Camera House Price: £100.00

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