Armasight Command 336 HD 8-32x100 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Binooculars

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The Armasight Command 336 8-32x100 is an advanced binocular thermal imaging camera, suitable for people who want to perform thermal observations over long distances. The Armasight Command 336 is specially designed for long-range observations in complete darkness and bad weather conditions, such as snow, dust, smoke, fog and mist. This high-tech binocular makes it possible to detect heat up to a distance of 600 meters.

The thermal camera provides an extremely reliable viewing experience due to its 60hz refresh rate. This is real-time image. In addition, you can increase the standard magnification (8x) to 32x by means of a digital zoom. This makes the unit an indispensable partner for spotting animals and people, and during hunting, security or law enforcement. At the push of a button, you can immediately see when something (or someone) is in the woods, even at a considerable distance. It also gives you the opportunity to see, for example, heat traces. Think of a recently driven car or a handprint on a certain object. Also, shot game can easily be traced by the heat trail left behind. No light at all is required to have a clear view with the Armasight Command 336.

The display can be set in eight levels of brightness and offers twelve different colour schemes, allowing you to choose the best pallet for each situation. For example, you can choose to have the warmest object in the picture coloured red, white or black. Or you can choose to have hot and cold objects in the image displayed in different colours. Because the Command 336 is binocular, you don't have to squeeze an eye, which makes it much less tiring than a monocular. The eyepieces fit seamlessly on the face. In order to optimise each eye, both eyepieces have a dioptre setting.

Usage Armasight Command 336 8-32x100 (60hz)

To use the Command, insert two CR123 batteries into the compartment on the left side of the body. Then you can start the unit. By rotating the eyepieces you determine the desired dioptre setting; by rotating the lens you focus the image (or desired object). At the top, in line with the on/off button, there are three buttons. Pressing the middle button takes you to the main menu. To enlarge the picture during obversion, press and hold the front button. To easily change the color palette during obversion, press the lower button. To extend the operating time of the Command to 8 hours, an external battery is optionally available.

Technical features of the Armasight Command 336:

The Armasight Command has a number of special features that make the thermal imaging viewer function even better than other brands:

- ACE (Active Contrast Enhancement): a digital correction that creates a visible difference in contrast in the image.
- DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement): A sharpness correction that enhances the digital image for extremely sharp, noise-free images.
- SSO (Smart Scene Optimization): a correction that ensures that objects with the same thermal drawing can be clearly distinguished.
- IBHEQ (Information-Based Hisogram Equalization): a special correction that helps to get a better picture in an environment with a large presence of air (sky) or water.
- UCMNUC/FFC (User-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/Flat-Field Correction): This is a special shutter between the camera sensor and the lens that provides a more uniform image.
- SSN (Silent Shutterless NUC): This function controls the shutter speed of the UCMNUC/FFC.

1x Armasight Command 336 HD 8-32x100 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Binoculars;1x Lens cloth;2x CR123A battery;1x Carry bag;1x Video cable;1x Battery Cassette;1x Manual;1x Packaging

Camera House Price: £7909.99

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