Vivitar 283 Flashgun c 1972 (Hire Only)

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Condition: Excellent

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Vivitar 283 flashgun c 1972

Excelent cosmetic condition and full working order

Tested. Favorite of press and pros for decades. Known for good color, power and reliability. 

General Vivitar 283 Information

The Vivitar 283, which was first manufactured in 1972, has been described as the Volkswagen "Bug" of flash units. It was manufactured for years and remained remarkably unchanged during its entire time in production. This flash has four automatic ranges, which allows for automatic operation with a choice of four aperture settings with your camera. With a guide number of 110, it can pack quite a punch for its compact size. The head of the Vivitar 283 tilts up to 90 degrees to allow for easy bounce lighting that will eliminate harsh shadows in your photography. The thyristor design conserves the four AA batteries that provide power and allows the 283 to recycle more quickly. Pointed directly at the subject, the 283 covers lenses up to 35 mm.An AC adapter and a number of third-party battery packs are available for the 283. The batteries slide into a small magazine for quick and easy changes, and extra battery holders are readily available for photographers to pre-load additional sets for heavy or extended shooting. The 283 operates effectively on alkaline and rechargeable batteries, so you can maintain a steady power supply no matter where you're shooting.The sensor that controls the choice of four apertures can be removed and used remotely with a special extension cord, and this sensor can also be replaced with a separate variable output module, allowing you to control the manual output. This can be useful if you're using the 283 as part of a setup with remote triggers and multiple flashes. When used in auto mode, the 283 has an operating range of 3 to 43 feet, and you'll be able to adjust the aperture selection for greater control of the depth of field in your photo.The extension cord has a hot shoe mount and also a PC cord outlet on the side. The PC cord can plug directly into the flash, and the cords are available in various lengths. The use of a device like the Wein safe sync is recommended unless you test the individual flash for high voltage. This unit was designed in the days when cameras were largely mechanical, and triggering voltage wasn't an issue whereas today's digital cameras are more sensitive to a high triggering voltage. Most 283's these days are used in multi-light setups.You may want to consider upgrading the mount if you plan to use the Vivitar 283 mounted on a light stand because it is relatively easy to replace and has multiple options for a strong metal one. Some of those replacement metal hot shoes also include a built-in optical slave, which is convenient if you want to use the 283 in a multi-flash arrangement.

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The Vivitar 283 Flashgun c 1972 (Hire Only) is shown in Prop Hire 1970-1980.

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